Let’s stop giving away public land for private profit. No Soccer Subsidy! is dedicated to ensuring that Austin’s public land is used by Austinites, for Austinites.

The City of Austin has determined that McKalla Place is the Number One best City-owned property for affordable housing, and the Neighborhood Plan calls for it to be developed for green space and a high density mix of business, retail, and housing uses. Now, special interests are trying to take this city asset and give it to a soccer club owned by a California millionaire for $1 / year for their private soccer stadium, with a corporate tax giveaway of $5 Million per year.

This is Our Land and Our Choice. It’s time we stand up to special interests and make sure that the city does not give away its most valuable assets. We demand a competitive bidding process and payment of Fair Market Value for city land so that we get the best deal for Austinites—not for out of town speculators looking for a corporate bailout. Please join us today and sign the petition to the Mayor and City Council.