No Soccer Boondoggle!

Our Land, Our Choice


    Contact Your City Council

    Now is the time!  Please contact the mayor and city council about the Wednesday, August 15 vote on using 24-acres of public land for private benefit. Tell them you are AGAINST letting a for-profit soccer club use McKalla Place while paying $0.00 in taxes for up to 50 years, and that you are FOR using our land for housing and businesses that create jobs and pay their fair share of taxes. This is going to be a close vote and your voice matters!

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    Call Your Council Member

    Call your council member to discuss this issue. You can use the sample language below. When you call, ask to speak to the staffer that handles economic development:

    “Hello, my name is __ and I am one of your constituents. I’m calling to ask that you refrain from voting on McKalla Place until ALL options have been thoroughly vetted. The city needs to examine all options available for the use of this public land before it can make an informed and responsible decision. This measure is essential to ensuring the needs of the whole community are met.”

    Call your council members’ office:

    Send an Email

    Sending an email to your council member is a great way to register your support for postponing making a decision until all options have been considered, and a detailed deal has been outlined. And it can be easy, too!

    Click here to open a sample email to send to your city council member.

    Email your council member and Mayor Adler today:

    • District 1 – Ora Houston:
    • District 2 – Delia Garza:
    • District 3 – Sabino “Pio” Renteria:
    • District 4 – Gregorio “Greg” Casar:
    • District 5 – Ann Kitchen:
    • District 6 – Jimmy Flannigan:
    • District 7 – Leslie Pool:
    • District 8 – Ellen Troxclair:
    • District 9 – Kathie Tovo:
    • District 10 – Allison Alter:
    • Mayor Adler:

    Sign Our Petition

    No Soccer Subsidy is collecting signatures from concerned community members to send to the City Council Members prior to them voting on this important issue. Sign the No Soccer Subsidy Petition.

    Engage on Social Media

    Help spread the word about by participating on social media! Tell everyone what you think about moving the vote on McKalla Place to August 23 by tagging @NoSubsidy on twitter & @NoSubsidyMcKallaPlace on Facebook. Or join the conversation with the hashtags #MLS2ATX #PlayFair #BidMcKalla #OurLandOurChoice

    What’s Before the Council 

    Our City Council has the opportunity to redevelop publicly-owned land for the benefit of our community. But, an out-of-town private business owner wants to stop an open, informed, and responsible decision-making process so he can get a deal where he gets below-market-rate land and pays no property taxes.

    And he is forcing the city to make a rushed decision to avoid competition. Say “NO” to back-room deals. Say “NO” to public subsidy for private profit. Say “NO” to voting to move forward with MLS on August 9!

    Bids were due for McKalla Place on August 3, but Austin City Council wants to vote on whether to move forward with MLS & Precourt on August 9…without allowing for thorough vetting and consideration of all the proposals which have been submitted. When City Council agreed to opening the previously closed proposal process, they inherently agreed to thoughtfully considering each of the proposals they received. Tell your City Council that you want them to stick to that implicit agreement and thoughtfully consider all proposals on hand: a process which can not be done responsibly in under a week. 

    Refusing to vote on the fate of McKalla Place until all proposals have been thoroughly vetted and analyzed is the responsible way to move forward. This ensures council has enough time to make an informed decision, and can weigh all options for the best deal for taxpayers. And it ensures that all additional proposals get a fair discussion. Precourt and MLS want the land for a subsidized soccer stadium. But we believe that the public land should benefit the public good, and should undergo a fair, equal and transparent review process.

    By asking City Council to seriously consider the additional proposals on the table, you are supporting an informed, fair and competitive process for 10414 McKalla Place—a site twice determined by City staff to be the #1 tract of public land for mixed-use development and affordable housing.

    Show your support for local taxpayers and a transparent, ethical process over wealthy out-of-town special interests.

    Take action today! We’ve made it easy for you! Support moving the vote by:

    ·       Contacting your council member

    ·       Signing our petition

    ·       Engaging on social media